Don’t Let Society Rape You

Some people tell me I am old fashioned for a young guy. I light up with excitement and don’t just pat myself on the back but rather smack the ever living shit out of my back because that is the best compliment I can receive. The bizarre twisted unrefined world we live in today needs old fashioned. This brings me to where I am going.

The Greatest Generation is the term used to describe the generation of people who lived through the Great Depression and fought in World War II.  The men were gentlemen and the women were ladies. They were also savers. That means they saved their money. I take it that was their mentality because every dollar that came their way was not taken for granted. They knew what hell was and wanted no part of it. I am a huge advocate of this concept of saving money instead of consuming. Back then in their day it was easy. People didn’t have to be financialy literate. All you had to know is work hard earn a dollar and put it in the bank. They give you interest there and it does this crazy thing called compounding.

Society has been eaten away at in many different forms. The two most dangerous is consumerism and financial engineering.  Relax don’t freak out I got you on this. Consumerism is a fancy word for creating an environment where people borderline demand to themselves they must purchase products they see. They don’t need them, can’t really afford them but society tells them they do. It becomes embedded in the culture to have them. If you don’t you’re a loser. In turn people do not save they spend and purchase things they don’t really need. Now the latter is the financial engineering. People might not always have the cash to purchase so we create a means to lend them money. Now the masses aren’t so stupid to borrow at super high interest rates so our beloved Central Bankers lower and suppress the interest rates.

People go wild. They buy homes, cars, electronics, clothes, you name it they buy it. The all-time greatest example is the iPhone. You have people who are unemployed waiting on line outside of stores to purchase a phone valued at $600 and already have a phone. I don’t know maybe they should say to themselves “Hey right now I am loser. I don’t have a job. I don’t really deserve nor need a new phone or the 20 to 30 pairs of obscurely colored sneakers I own”. Safe to say that would be great advice for those people to follow.

Here’s the other side of this double edged sword.  Those low interest rates are screwing and raping the people who have money in savings accounts and CD’s at their bank. They aren’t being rewarded for working hard and putting those dollars away in the bank. Therefore people chase absurdly high returns pitched to them by undesirable degenerates out there and now it’s like they are victims of a gang rape in Sing Sing.

The moral of the story folks is simple. Bands will make her dance so save and invest your money. Don’t be insecure and purchase ridiculous things. Save your money and get to know a professional money manager who you can trust. Remember telling isn’t selling. They should be responding to what you want. People from the Greatest Generation had class and debonair without wasting money.

Get it.