Don’t Ever Listen to Jim Cramer

Today Jim Cramer made a statement of the following:

Looks Like Europe May Have Hit Bottom

Europe has seen a huge decrease in volatility. The yields of Spanish and Italian sovereign debt have come way down from their crisis levels of 7% and 6%. Traders and investors are loading up on these sovereign’s driving their yields down to low’s. The catch is these degenerates cannot resist doing it all on margin ( margin means they borrow the money because they are greedy motherfuckers) and the underlying story in Europe has not changed. So be aware and let me remind you why you never ever listen to the sick and twisted weirdo that is Cramer. He screams about when he is right but never admits his disastrous calls. He’s never just wrong he is dreadfully catastrophically wrong. Like when he told everyone Bear Stearns was completely alright at $62 a share just before its demise to $2. Here ya go.