The Buffet Truth


The Warren Buffet obsession is so obnoxious. I cannot think of anything more annoying than people talking about Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway. It drives me crazy because these obsessed freaks and weirdos won’t let you criticize or comment on the Oracle. Everyone must bow to his dorky ass and kiss his feet as the greatest ever. If you have something to throw out there or point out you are a hater.

This is complete fucking bull shit. If you want to consider yourself successful one day, its important to look at the accolades as well as the failures, short comings of Mr. Buffet if he is your idol. If you want to be top dog alpha male or female in this world you don’t slobber and obsess over another great individual. To paraphrase the great Bruce Lee you never go out and copy something else that is great and try to duplicate it. Be your own person, express and create yourself.  Mr. Buffet is a dinosaur. Nothing Berkshire does today really is a direct result of the Oracle and its textbook value investing nothing less, nothing more. Only influence Warren has these days is when someone is pressed for money he will step in and steal a great deal because he is the one with the cash. There is no reason to study this because normal people cannot invest like this. He either buys companies out that generate tons of cash or he inks himself a fresh to death preferred stock deal. Sorry folks hate to be the bearer of bad news but none you are ever getting something like that ever.

See the extremely interesting thing is Buffet is the beneficiary of being born and around in the right place right time. Warren made the great decision to go all in on certain iconic American companies many years ago and the payout was tremendous. He just kept doubling down on prized American companies every chance he got and because he has under his control massive sums of money his time horizon is very long and beholden to staying in the position. If he were ever to move a position in say Coca-Cola which he is famous for owning that would be disastrous to that stock. Destruction of epic proportions would follow for the stock.

Majority of all these gains were amassed years ago. Berkshire has lagged more times than not in recent years. And as of late as a value investor so many other people out there are better than him at it. So many hedge funds and private equity firms make the gains of Berkshire laughable. Look at PE firms like Silver Lake, Blackstone, Carlyle Group and KKR and hedge funds like Third Point, SAC Capital, Greenlight, Omega and Appalossa. Lots of value unlocked by managers here that dwarf Berkshire. Berkshire has slightly outperformed the S&P over the past five years and over that time period kind of went tit for tat with the S&P 500.  Not to mention the amount of other opportunities where money could have been put to work that Berkshire Hathaway had missed.

Quiet for majority of his investing career, Buffet now is all over the teeeee-veeee set in his later years.  Now he is telling everybody what to do and what’s a good investment versus a bad investment. Most of the stuff he says is off the wall. He babbles and says very dangerous things. He is constantly contradicting himself. People should take what he says with a grain of salt. Don’t get fooled by a man trying to leave a great legacy.

If you want to be top dog you don’t get there by sucking all over somebody who was great. You put your own playbook together. Do not buy in to the fanatical worship of some really old man who asked Jay-Z if he could have his tie.

Good day ladies and gentlemen

He Hate Me