Technology is Too Fast for Society


The world you know of is over and overwhelming majority of people have no idea. Its hard to notice, but once you do its all you can see. It’s extremely mind blowing when put into perspective. It is all because of technology and the liberty it brings human beings. For thousands of years humans roamed planet earth with basically the same kind of technology. They would weld and cast iron, ride horses and built structures with stone. Then during the 19th century a new industrial age started and it has yet to slow, rather it has continued in an exponential fashion. This is a phenomena that has only be going on for 150 years. Just put that in the context of how long human beings have existed, the age of Earth, and the universe. Its mind boggling because its minuscule.

The amazing part is the human race is creating technology the society cannot fathom, handle or understand.  The states, powers that be and groups want to keep their control. They always seek ways to halt and regulate these leaps in advancement. The fail in an epic fashion. Any success they see is short lived and circumvented. Every part of life is going to change.  I am being broad here so let me elaborate and show some examples.

The internet touches more parts of everyone’s life than anything else. It is the base of all the new technology. People can share, read, buy and educate themselves in an uncensored fashion. The brick and motor stores are suddenly having the hardest time staying in business. People go there to look at a product and buy it off the internet. Content is all over the internet and being spread everywhere. The cost of content is evaporating. Music, movies and programs can be shared via Bit Torrent and it cannot be stopped. Governments have tried over and over again to stop Bit Torrent and fail everyday. Companies like Aero are grabbing network televisions content and streaming it over the internet at a low cost.

There is even the deep web where any kind of transaction can take place. Its anonymous and untraceable. Drugs, murders, or stolen goods you want it you can get it. They use an electronic currency called bit coin. 3D printers are rapidly growing in commonality. Objects of any kind can be made into plastic. Blueprints can be found online. Companies like 3D Systems (DDD) say everyone will have a printer in their home. If something breaks no need to go to a store you make it yourself. This has opened the door to people creating gun parts.  A person can print a receiver and assemble a gun. Completely untraceable and capable of regulating.

Financial markets are no different. Majority of all the volume is provide by algorithms written by programmers to simultaneously buy and sell shares, option contracts and bonds. They are suppose to make markets but they make money off the markets in a predatory fashion and constantly fight for latency speed and speed of information. When they leave the market flash crashes happen it rapid speeds. Old guard humans come in and insist it becomes regulated. The problem is they are moving so fast the people in charge don’t have a chance. It was reported today information observed over the Bloomberg Terminal service was being used to break stories for Bloomberg. Customers of the service that view quotes and used the chat feature were being watched by people at Bloomberg. People are outraged. I say where you living folks? How can you think that somebody isn’t doing that. If you electronically transmit something you better be okay with it getting out because its extremely easy for someone to obtain it.

All of these are coming full circle. They are colliding together at the same time. The governments of the world stand no chance in handling any of this. Often throughout the past century people fear the state. People fear the state will be able to control every aspect of people’s lives through technology. Weather it is 1984 or A Brave New World people love to speculate is it around the corner. The truth is no it is the complete opposite. Technology is the states worst enemy. They cannot fight it or shut it down.  They can make rules but they will be broken.

Technology is a face less liberator and in the long run will bring down any kind of tyranny. Weather it is peoples abilities to own guns, drugs they want to take,  or some new way to make a buck it doesn’t matter. People are going to be able to get what they want. The question is what is going to happen to the governments and society. Are the minds of the masses going to be able to catch up to whats out there?