The 411: Don’t Fear the Bull

Since the start of the blog and The 411 where we give you the good word, the S&P is up nearly 4.5%. The doomed month of may was here. Losers, cough, I mean the market strategists, cough, I mean the sell side lackeys were looking for a pull back. It would be healthy we want to see a pullback to buy more. Shit for brains folks. You can’t listen to that shit they push. Their market advice and talk is like drugs that have been stepped on 10 times over. No bueno. Nobody wants that.

Some people wanted to get short this market. They say it looked like it was going to stall out. Wrong. The same dynamic and story is here. The Fed is here. Ben Bernanke is your wing man and he is the best wing man. He will take it down for you. It could be a morbidly obese woman or a tranny, your boy Benny is talking it for the team so you can go get it. He wants you to succeed. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Today everyone is all the rage because David Tepper of Appalossa says the markets got room to go. First off, Mr. Tepper is a gentleman, he kills it every year with his hedge fund. Second, the news just sensationalizing what he said. The words he uttered on the teevee set this morning is nothing we all didn’t know yesterday. He says stocks have room to run. True that. Don’t buy the Fed tapering off, its a gimmick. They are going to be here for a while they are just trying, in a bad attempt, to make it look like they aren’t full blown QE junkies. Follow the Fed. We’ve broken out above some trend line resistance to new highs. Its looking interesting. Stay nimble, if you got nice gains book them.

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