The Drug of Austerity

Click here to watch The Drug of Austerity


This a video from which is a great site I love to view. They report real news on what is happening in the world right now that normal media wont cover. They video whats going on if you were there yourself. This video is about the current state of disaster Greece is in. This is purely the doings of horrible European economic policy and how the European Union is enslavement for any country that joins. The solutions they have thrown at Greece has been disastrous to the people of the country. This new drug, Sisa, that is scourging the streets there is mind blowing and unbelievable to see.

Its reaping havoc on the poor, homeless and unemployed. The climate in Athens looks like the classic movie Escape From New York.  Its bad because its cheap. 1 Euro. Unemployment is at 27% and people are self destructing.

Open up your eyes.

He Hate Me