Relax Yourselves


I start my day like a superior gentleman would. I wake up very early and scourge through the news while I drink my coffee. Depending on the day I will get a workout in at the gym before my breakfast. I come home gather myself get ready for the work day ahead of me. Before 7am I have done more than most will do in a day and it’s just starting.  As far as sleep I get what I need and that’s that. Rigorous routine is the path to success. Now let me transcend.

Between a lot of the stuff I read in articles, random social network posts and people’s conversation I get very agitated. The generation I am living in is pathetic and obnoxious. Complainers are what they are. These degenerates just think they are great without a single credential. They think their ideas are great when they are horrible. They constantly talk about how they are working so hard or how they are going to be so rich. They need to be told to shut the fuck up.

The concept of being an entrepreneur dazzles them. Also, the kind of rebellious attitude of creating your own business catches their attention. The problem is to do that you have to be cunning and relentless. None of these young losers possess these qualities. The words grinding, hustling, making bank should be followed with a slap in the face. Waking up every day and going to a job doesn’t mean you are grinding it. Saying you are on your way to wealth isn’t cutting it. Copying other successful people does not qualify.  You all know who you are due to the fact you are insecure. I am chilling your bones right now because I am cutting to the core of you pathetic freaks and weirdos out there. Your mind is saying I am talking about you.

Becoming a successful business man or woman is about making a plan to a goal and being relentless in fulfilling it.  It takes time for it to pay off. That life is only for the strong and the rest of your life needs to be the same for it to happen. Everything you do must be done in a serious and meticulous fashion. There is no such thing as excuses. Failure should actually be something you know of. Majority of these folks don’t because they live in a fantasy world of zero achievement. It’s a purgatory of nothing without success or failure. A melancholy state supported by mom or dad’s money.

Knowing that you do not know everything is a key element as well. Every day is a new day as well as a learning experience. You don’t have it all figured out and you should spend your free time curating information about your field, so tomorrow you are better than yesterday.  Failure is a familiarity you despise. The feeling of being smacked in the face is something you know and hate. The quicker you realize that you might not be cut out for a certain field or task it’s time to hit the bricks and try something else. Everybody is not a winner. The prospect of being mediocre should be completely disregarded. If the attitude present in your life is to be just like this guy or that girl you are a failure. You should be pissed off for greatness. Like Diddy says “No bitch-ass-ness”

Guys and girls want to post about it on Facebook or Twitter. Wack bros out there are putting up Instagram pictures of stacked twenty dollar bills and a couple hundreds. Kill yourselves please, you are a joke. Get with the program. Real people are laughing at you. The question is are you going to wake up and change?

He Hate Me