Keep Calm and Get Bullish


Thank God this disaster train wreck in DC is on ice for now. Before this insane ridiculous discussion of jackasses, we were on our way to making new highs. This degenerate douche bags in Congress  had to bother us and interrupt us from this great bull market, to talk about nonsense  not worth discussing. These politicians are like crackheads on the streets asking for money. They refuse to leave you alone or take no for an answer then proceed to annoy the shit out of you.

The Federal Reserve has not started a taper and this whole DC shit show will make sure that Quantitative Easing will stay. Even better Ben Bernanke’s monetary policy side piece, Janet Yellen, will be his successor as Fed chair. Bernanke has her doped up nice and proper on quantitative easing and the magic there in. Now weather or not you agree with QE the one thing that is certain is it makes stock prices go up. If you pick the right stocks, prime for picking, its off to the moon kids. If people want to tell you there is room for concern tell them to hit the bricks pal and beat it, because you are going out.  The freaks down in DC brought us to the precipice of disaster trying to trash the great name that is U.S. Treasuries, which also would have had disastrous ripple effect through financial markets. Disaster worse than people could imagine. Anyone who tells you default is a good idea should be shot in the face. They don’t understand credit markets. That being said guess what folks the S&P 500 is at all time highs heading right into earning season. Stay away from the dog shit and pick some quality.  That is how strong this market is. Raise a glass to Ben Bernanke because he is your daddy at the moment.

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