Be useful, not resentful.


Today you turn the television on,  watch a video online or maybe if you’re an old school kind of person read a newspaper, all you hear is resent. People are angry about the 1 percent and the 99 percent. Constant complaining about other peoples successes and achievements. If someone is wealthy or shows their financial exuberance off people scoff at it. Its immediately followed with comments like “Do they really need that”. Jealousy mixed in with envy. The reaction people give towards wealth is this warped concept that those people don’t deserve to have it or didn’t earn it. The masses in America today constantly are on a mission to discredit someones financial prosperity. Politicians and degenerate thinkers encourage this. They prey on peoples envy. It makes me sick. It should make you sick too.

People of wealth should be looked up too or set as a benchmark regardless of how horrible of a person they are or if they deserve it.  If they are horrible people or are not deserving that should be more motivation to you as an individual to say I can do that. You should find yourself saying that person is an ass and I am phenomenal. I am going to have more money than them. Instead loser teachers in colleges tell you this isn’t fair. News anchors point out there are hungry kids in Africa but Donald Trump is spending $1,000 or whatever on his horrible haircut.  Its so horrible. They distract you from the most important things that moves our society forward. The ability to contribute.  Instead of tearing others down, show how much greater you are and how much better you could contribute. Everyone should be thinking “How do I become great” and “What do I need to do to achieve it”.

There is a full fledged attack on wealth in this country and it is disgusting.  Resentment helps nobody. The government taking an extra 15% from rich folks doesn’t help. Creating wealth helps everyone. Letting individuals be individuals helps society thrive. If somebody else’s success bothers you out due the other person. Your motivation to out perform them us useful to society. Demanding they “pay their fair share”, is throwing nickels in a bucket.  Negativity breads more negativity.  Just because a negative thought or action has a good intention does not make it a successful way of thinking. Think of the ways you can contribute by creating, not taking.

Bring yourself up and bring others with you. A rising tide lifts all boats.