Let Me Point Something Out


Everyday these days you turn on the teevee, radio, podcast, the twitter or whatever outlet you go to for news and there is constant talk about wealth disparity. The conversation goes on incessantly about free markets and capitalism is failing the world. Look at the wage gap and look at the crises and the minimum wage workers.  These conversations make my blood boil and blood pressure rise. One could spend all day going into detail about each facet of this conversation but that is not what the world needs. The root problem here is people are “donning” the economy and world we live in today as capitalism. This is the biggest lie and con artist job being told to everyone.  It’s like a package of crap wrapped with a Capitalism label and I am sitting here saying “What the fuck?”

This is the common denominator in every discussion we have today about why there are no jobs or why aren’t wages growing. It’s the exact reason why health care reform is an issue. The crime here is they, these freaks and liars have labeled anything that has to do with business as “free markets” or “capitalism.” The truth is that business or corporations aren’t interchangeable with free markets. The corporations are merely just a part of what one would call the market.  For markets or capitalism to function properly competition needs to be healthy and strong. Freedom of choice needs to be strong.

Competition is beaten down and faded. There really is actually no freedom of choice when making purchases anymore. Prices are challenged by just a few or couple corporations. Consolidation has limited competition and freedom of choice.  Look at cell phone providers it’s an oligopoly. Same goes for the supermarket. Majority of all of the products being sold in a given supermarket trail back to just roughly 4 corporations which own all these brands.  The illusion of choice, look at healthcare as an example.

The reason healthcare costs are out of control is because of a lack of competition and barriers to entry.  Yet over the past 5 years you have heard people in this Obamacare/Affordable Healthcare Act debate that our “free-market” model has failed us. I would just like to ask those people “what the fuck are you looking at?!” There is no competition in the cost of actual care given and no competition with policies on a national level. It doesn’t matter if everyone has insurance or not because the price of serving a sick person is out of control. All it does is create a risk pool (insurance term) of people who can now get care. Healthy people paying for sick people while nothing has been done to address why healthcare cost are expensive. Maybe it would have been a smart question as to why healthcare costs are expensive.  Maybe health insurance wouldn’t be as expensive or unattainable if that idea got addressed. It’s not rocket science.

Now if it isn’t rocket science how come it just didn’t go down that way? Well if it was a free-market it would have happened that way because it’s the best course to take. The powers that be, corporations look at all this money they can make and government programs look at all the funding coming their way. So they obstruct it. Obamacare is just a simple skim tactic to suck money out of people.

That isn’t capitalism or free markets. Its cronyism or what some people would call corporate communism.