Be Fearless

They always say life is about finding yourself and what not. Go do you. Over the past couple of years I find myself thinking a lot. A few life experiences I’ve had over the past couple years have sent me to rethink how I view life.  I’ve ended up enjoying time by myself, smoking a cigar, throwing down some scotch, and staring at the sky. Complete solace. Going deep into thought about philosophy and thinking about what makes the world we live in tick and how we all come to be at the event or inflection point we just found ourselves at.


I’ve made it a common practice for myself to do on a regular basis and it’s improved how I am as an individual and how cavalier I’ve become.  I look at the night sky and the stars, think about how this universe becomes what it is. Go back to the big bang where photons are crashing into one another, creating stars and planets. There are chunks of mass floating around crashing into one another, exploding but with each explosion there is a new creation which follows the same path as the latter. Constant repetition of this process over and over again.

This has to do with everything because if you look at the world and the life you live it’s exactly how life functions. Every moment, relationship, experience follows this trajectory. That is why it is insane for people to act shocked when things go wrong, fall apart or come to the end. Nothing actually ends it’s just a new creation. When people are shocked that asset prices in stocks and bonds come crashing down at some point or an economic boom busts it’s crazy. It should be expected because it follows the mapping of the universe.  And for anyone to think that humans can collectively control this is pure hubris. To think that way is pure audacity. Every civilization of human beings rises and falls at some point. Before human beings dinosaurs thrived rose and were extinct. The universe creates and destroys. Then from those pieces of destruction, a chain reaction of another boom and bust starts.

The correct way to view life is to leverage what the universe presents and take advantage of it. Human beings have become sad creatures. Modern life is pathetic. Everyone thinks they are important and we now have generations of people raised to think they are special in time having fucked the world up. People who tell you what life is and how the world works are full of shit. People who tell you the right way to live your life is x, y and z are speaking on no merit. I’m here to say you have to come to the realization that you have completely no idea. Then at that moment you are on the right path.

The universe is a giant boom bust cycle. It transcends directly into how are creatures live. It’s completely uncontrollable. Achieving greatness and success starts with realizing this. You never will be able to predict anything or know anything. Only to just possess the ability to influence it. Look at the world around you and figure out what you want to achieve. Take actions and make decisions that will alter the variables that surround you.  Improve your probabilities of catching greatness and then proceed to not pat yourself on the back. Realize that this moment is fleeting it has an arc will end creating a new opportunity. Use it.

The universe is too complex and full of too much for us to comprehend. We try and project a human understanding onto it which limits what it actually is. Don’t let this intimidate you because as large and deep as the universe is we are larger than it is. Everything is made up of the same photons and same particles. You have stars which are gas concoctions, planets which are hunks of rock and then you have us. We are trillion celled organisms working in unison, the same photons and particles as the stars and the rock but with consciousness. Power beyond measure.

Basically to make it simple. Realize you know nothing and can’t predict a thing. Now act accordingly.