The Dying Breed

Society has become soft. There I said it. From time to time I deactivate my Facebook, only speak to people I must and avoid television. The simple reason as to why I do this is because I cannot take how many whiners are out there in the world living, breathing the same air I am and not being reprimanded for being a sad excuse for a human being.

I hope it got your attention because I strongly feel that way. People are way to sensitive. I bet people will read the above statement and they are immediately offended and have a problem with what I said. Human beings are heading in an awful direction. They expect things to be given to them and they feel their feelings should never be hurt. They just want to live their life. They are upset there is suffering in the world. They are jealous and full of envy.  Young folks revel in the concept that its great to get a job that will just fill their needs so they can just go live their life and enjoy things. That is sad.

If that is your choice go ahead do that. I am not saying people shouldn’t feel that way or don’t have the right to feel that way. We should however, not endorse it and should take people like that an laugh at them.  See people today want to do what they want but then when it comes time to face the consequences of doing what they want they cry foul play. People today think they should be able to do what they want, and if someone has something to say they shouldn’t be allowed to say it, if its negative.  That is soft and is a celebration of mediocrity.

Its in our fiber as humans to achieve greatness. Carpe motherfucking diem you get what I am saying. Seize the day motherfucker it is what we are here for. Life should be about fulfilling greatness. One word should define it, achievement.  Often times people say “when is enough, enough?” and the answer is simple. Never because its not about getting enough. It’s not about reaching a goal and saying I am happy with this. Its the path or journey to that point we as humans thrive from. We are addicted to the work, the journey, the game.

I consider myself one of these folk. I yearn for greatness everyday, tomorrow must be better than yesterday. I live my life with the motto “If you do tomorrow what you did today, you will get tomorrow what you got today.” Whatever needs to be done will be done. If I fail I stare it in the face and never repeat the same process. To put it simple I am addict to the effort. I am addicted to doing what it takes. I am addicted to the feeling of accomplishment.  I am addicted to staring failure in the face. If you have never stared failure in the face you don’t know what success is. That makes you fearless. This is the dying breed. We are far and few between.

If you want to just make a living so vacations, fancy restaurants and some luxurious clothes are in your means prepared to be called inferior. You are inferior because you are content. If you are content be prepared to accept what it is that you are. If you want to be content then when people chastise you own it and do not complain. Do not be envious and jealous of people who have more.