Laying The Law Down: You Must Invest


I’m all for purchasing nice things. I love quality items. I purchase items of high quality because I enjoy them passionately or its something I will need to last.  Some times spending a large sum of money is the proper decision, because that course of action in life, is worth the large sum.

However, today day in and day out, you see people dropping large sums of money on ridiculous unnecessary items. Of course they like them, but that’s such a fake answer.  They do it for one reason and one reason only, to impress other people.  Over the past 30 years America’s economy has morphed into this massive consumption based economy. You hear politicians and economists on the television set talk of this all the time. They say things such as “we need to put more money in people’s pockets so they can go out and spend.” Economists even created a chart that the consumption stage is the most advanced part of the economic growth cycle past manufacturing.  That is kind of ridiculous because the idea of capitalism, in a historic sense, is relativly an infant still.  The jury is still out yet on what this period is for us. People who speak with such certainty on this topic need to be slapped more than once.

Now people might say whats wrong with people consuming. Purchasing stuff at the mall people make money that’s got to be good, no? Well what happens is consumption is what becomes the growth engine, so the economy, becomes extremely dependent on consumption increasing.  That is completely unsustainable or unreasonable to keep up consistently. This is so obvious in policies implemented such as extremely low interest rates enticing people to borrow so they can purchases homes, cars, and tons of clothes for which they have not earned the money to purchase.

People are competitive ion nature. One must  out do the other. In this case its disastrous. It creates a culture focused on material goods.  Now the amount of money in your bank account doesn’t matter because the world cant see that. They see whats on your body, wrist, where you live and what you drive. Weather is a cash transaction or borrowing people squander their money. Consumerism ,taken a stranglehold over Investment and Savings.

People need to leave the insecurity at the door. The best medicine is knowing you can look at everyone and know you have more power than them and they have no idea. Your wallet, your bank account, your portfolio makes them insignificant. Sooner or later these flash folks you know will have shot their load. Their worshiping of material goods is the equivalent of the young college girl blowing her load the first night she goes out drinking, getting carried out by 11:30 because shes dumb. You are sophisticated person sipping the cocktail of your choice working on that nice buzz plotting where the parties going to next.

When you buy things don’t get caught up in fads. When you drop a ton of cash on some items you like, picture how they work into the person you are going to be when your enjoying all the money you saved and invested.  Purchase things that are you, not things that make you blend in.

The winning scenario is to be liquid. The value of items is fleeting and evaporates at staggering rates. Pure junk. Everyone will find themselves waking up one day with the weight of the world on their shoulders. Wishing for that chance to do things different but it is too late.

Its absolutely necessary that you set up trust accounts, IRA’s, invest, buy property before you buy that new Range Rover, the Jordans, the Breitling and all that bottle service.  Be smart and try not to live your whole life now, for it’s going to last a long time. It is smart to live in the moment but you need to do it wisely. Life is short and could end in the quickest of fashions. That is why its important to cherish the time you have. The great paradox is, as precious and vulnerable that time may seem, we human beings have a distinct way of surviving the most traumatic and intense experience. We overcome bizarre odds and the moments thereafter, are when you need that money.