The World Is Not Fair Get Over It


I’m tired of hearing people point fingers.  The amount of folks walking around old and young, much worse with the latter, that feel they’re entitled to fair treatment is absurd. It is so crazy all these maniacs believe the world is suppose to be fair when nothing about nature is fair.  You can just look across nature and see that the world in which we live is the furthest thing from fair. It operates on being unfair. The world cannot just be sunshine and rainbows all day every day it doesn’t work like that. Everything is a about balance. Magnets have positive and negative sides. There cant  good be without evil because good would then just be nothing. People will get the short end of the stick that is just the way it is. Chance and probability determine that.

Some people are born with disabilities and some people develop disabilities they didn’t ask for. Its nature taking its course.  Some people are born into poverty or a terrible society of tyranny. People who complain if something isn’t fair just breeze right over these simple observations. Instead of embracing the value of not having these head winds thrown upon them from birth. The idea that something isn’t perfect is mind blowing to them. Its ridiculous because for majority of human existence people had zero chance of changing their fate. The two most important factors were where and when you were born, and you couldn’t change anything about. In today’s world people have the chance to alter the course.

Anyone who has something to complain about, the world has someone in it who is worse off than you. That person would die to be in the situation the complainer is angry about. The world also has a person who was in a worse off scenario, and over came it. There is no reason to complain. The idea to attempt a progressive change at creating a completely fair world is ignorant.  No matter what people will get screwed, some how some way. There will always be a company that does something wrong no matter the rules. There are always bad people. What we call the world was here first. Who are we to think we can change the dynamics? It will be here when we are gone and the wise decision would be to understand how the world works, and accept it for what it is. Act accordingly.

You take advantage of said setting.